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we are all the same by steve2727

we are all the same

by steve2727



Jul 27, 2015
5:08 am
Jul 25, 2015
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Jul 24, 2015
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Jul 20, 2015
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Ula Kapala
Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
Born in Poland, living in Ireland. Studied fine arts, then photography; was supposed to work as a graphic designer, ended up making jewellery for a living, and doing the rest of the stuff for pleasure. Would like to have an art exhibition one day.
Sings (when life allows), likes cats, city, tea, people and science fiction. Also, is crap at getting things done, generally, but can work like a tank if necessary.

Has very little patience for stupidity.

Cad é sin do'n té sin nach mbaineann sin dó.

Websites: - art / photoblog - music - plus size fashion blog
Thanks everyone for your supportive comments on my previous journal entry. I sometimes feel that I get more support and understanding from people I only know through their art than from anyone else. Thank you very much. The least I can do for you is feature some art.

Songfic Fairy Tailsongfic fairy tail
song by he is we, kiss it all better
Natsu used to be a happy guy, he had a lot of friends and a girlfriend that he would do anything for but that all changed when the darkness came. Natsu and Lucy finally had the guts to confess to each other, they were going to tell everyone about the news but when they got there the guild was covered in a dark mist and everyones eyes glowed red. Natsu lays on his bed replaying that terrible day in his mind.
He sits in his cell
and he lays on his bed
covers his head and closes his eyes
"Natsu!"  Lucy screamed, Alzack had shot her right through the stomach. "Lucy!" Natsu ran to catch Lucy before she fell down and held her close to his body. But Alzack wasn't done yet and Natsu knew it so he picked her up bridal style and ran he couldn't hurt his friends. "Natsu," Lucy whimpered. "I'm not ready to die." She cried into Natsu's chest and he kissed her head while the tears streamed down both of their faces. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry
  ME: TouchAuthor: KitiaraMajere
Universe: Mass Effect
Characters: Fem!Shep, Garrus
It was odd, how quickly she'd adapted to having aliens around. On her crew, even. She hadn't dealt with other races much before this little jaunt, and initially she had been a bit nervous. After all they'd actually fought the turians, so working with Nihilus had been a bit awkward at first. But he had seemed dedicated to his job, and he'd died doing it. That earned him a lot of points in her book.
A turian, a quarian and a krogan walk into a starship-- She grinned to herself.
At least they seemed to get along. She'd had some concern about that at first; they all seemed so different.
Tali seemed the most easy-going of the lot. Not a lot was known about the quarians, even what they looked like. She was obviously intelligent, and so far showed the kind of moral traits that Shepard aspired to. That revelation about the geth disturbed her, though. Reminded her of that old
 Tiger eye and Hematite custom ordered necklace by cybelemoon Wire-Wrapped Cardinal by ataria Stormcloud Pearls by Annqueru Scp439 by DenitaTwoDragons 0072 by pulbern Tender Heart by Xenaris 

Mature Content

Mechanical Desire by neuroboy-art
 Hammerhead Heavy Tank by Hongablaster Astronaut by Tordo
  • Mood: Depressed
  • Reading: Hyperbole And A Half
  • Watching: Supernatural
  • Eating: soup

Journal History


Spring by ukapala
Materials craft paper, packaging paper, wrapping paper, tissue paper, newspaper clippings etc.
Sunny Clearing by ukapala
Sunny Clearing
Materials: craft paper, old letters, old brochures, magazine and newspaper clippings, stickers, wrapping paper.
Girl With Baloons by ukapala
Girl With Baloons
Materials: craft paper, old letters, magazine and newspaper clippings, stickers, 1905 Brockhaus encyclopedia images (scanned an printed by me)

My links

Wirewrapped - jewellery blog
Cropping reality - photoblog updated daily
facebook profile
Etsy shop - buy jewellery here

Commissions, custom orders, FAQ

I have a section about commissions and a separate FAQ in my jewellery blog , and a link to my blog on my dA page (in my DeviantId), and yet I receive at least one inquiry a day about these things. Perhaps the link isn't obvious enough? What do you think? Also, there's a link to my Etsy shop in the description of every pendant that I submit to the dA and yet get inquiries about prices and availability all the time.

I decided to post the commissions rules and FAQ here, so it may reach more people. I hope you'll find it helpful.

Commissions and custom orders

I accept commissions, but not all of them. Here are the rules:

  • Please DO NOT ask me to make a piece exactly the same as one I had made before and has been sold. I only create unique items. I can however make something similar and within the same style: either the colour would be different, or the type of bead, type of wire, size etc.
  • When I create the commission piece for you, I will sell it to you ONLY via my Etsy shop. It is to prevent potential payment/shipping problems and for the safety of both the buyer and the seller. I can however omit this rule if you live in the Dublin (Ireland) area. Email me and we’ll figure something out to spare you the shipping cost. Also if you know me personally, you will know what to do :)
  • Please be advised, that sometimes what people want is impossible for me to make. For example, you say “I want this but in pink instead of red”, and the type of bead used in the piece you want just doesn’t come in pink, so there’s no way for me to get it anywhere. I’ll also probably protest if what you want I think will look bad. I can give you advice as to what colours you probably should or shouldn’t be wearing (on request).
  • Sometimes you will have to wait a few weeks if I don’t have a particular type of bead or wire you requested in your item; I’ll have to order it first, get it shipped to me, and then create the piece.
  • I will NOT reduce the price of the item especially for you. This is what I do for a living. How would you feel if I went to your boss and told him you make too much money and you should be paid less for what you do?
  • Also, please send all commission requests by email or as a dA note, NOT as comments to this or any other page. The request comments will be removed. I do not wish to discuss my business in public.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are not only the questions I get during my online activity, but also in real life.

Q: Where did you learn to make jewellery?

A: I’m a self learner.

Q: NO WAY! You must have read a book, or a tutorial or sth!

A: Uh, no. The fact that some people use books or youtube to learn stuff from doesn’t mean that everybody has to.

Q: What wire do you use?

A: Usually copper wire, plated (silver, enamel etc) or bare, 0.8 or 0.9mm for base and 0.3mm for wrapping

Q: Where do you get your supplies?

A: Various online shops, mostly Ebay.

Q: Why don’t you use sterling silver wire, like all respectable jewellers?!!!!111oneone

A: Because I’d like my jewellery to be affordable. The prices of sterling silver wire and the amount of it I normally use, would make each piece over $150. Or more. And also I like enamelled wire, as it comes in many colours. Especially the gunmetal colour, which goes with steampunk style and is warmer than oxidized silver. Also, recently there have been changes in the An Post regulations (Post company in Ireland), and I wouldn't be able to ship sterling silver items abroad legally with registered mail. I want to avoid potential problems with missing shipments and no way to retreive them.

And most of all, why the hell should I do what everybody else does?

Q: Will there be more pendants of a kind that I want (hearts, skulls, cats, Cthulhus).

A: Yes, but not all in one time. I get a lot of requests for more heart pendants, and I manage to make 2 – 4 (5 -6 if I’m doing nothing else but this) per day, so please be patient and check out my shop on regular basis.

Q: Why don’t you make tutorials? We’d all like to learn your technique.

A: My technique is the basic wire wrapping technique plus some imagination, and it’s not the technique that makes my work recognizable, but ideas how to use it. Also, I don’t want people to copy my designs, so why should I help them do it? Again, this is what I do for a living, and if everybody else was able to do this, I'd be unemployed. And anyway, everything that I do is visible on the photos, there are no secret techniques, everything is just woven together with wire and that's it.

Q: So what should I do to be better at wire wrapping?

A: As with every other technique, discipline or anything: work more, make more stuff, you'll get there eventually. Nobody's a master at the first try.

Q: Why are your prices in Euro instead of USD?

A: Because I live and pay taxes in a country where Euro is an official currency.

Q: Why are your prices in Euro cheaper than the USD equivalent and why do the prices change every day?

A: Because of the currency exchange rate, which also changes every day. You can check the current rate here.

Q: Why is the shipping so expensive?

A: I can't help that. The cheapest registered letter in Ireland costs EUR 5.17. Also, add the price of a bubble envelope (about EUR 0.40).

Q: Do you ship stuff to $my_country?

A: I ship stuff anywhere as long as you can pay with PayPal.

Q: Where did you get that item from/did you make it all yourself?

A: I paid leprechauns to make it. Or I imagined it and made it with the force of my mind. Ohno, wait, I have an Excel macro...

Crafts by ukapala

Seriously, did you think I would submit stuff that somebody else made? ;)



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